3 Things that Make First Officers Fail to Be Promoted

Each first officer definitely wants to be promoted so they can be truly pilots. Unfortunately, this cannot be realized fast because they need to have hundreds of flight hours first. Besides, the main decision is taken by airline parties. This means that if airline parties are not sure to promote first officers, they will not do it. Therefore, first officers have to work smart. If you are a first officer, make sure that you also don’t do these because you will not be promoted:

Violate rules


As you probably know that each airline has rules that should be obeyed by all staffs. For staffs that violate those rules, they will get punishments, such as: salary cut, warning letter, and even termination. That is why you are highly prohibited to violate rules whatever your reasons are. What if the rules are not reasonable? You need to know that airline parties don’t take any decisions and make rules as they like. Besides, they make those rules for goodness of all their staffs. For this, think twice if you assume that rules are not reasonable. If you cannot obey the rules, discuss with your boss and tell what your problem is. Who knows your boss will give exception. Nevertheless, if he/she does not give it, you should remain obeying those rules.


Work carelessly


Working professionally is a must. This is very important to do, especially if you want to be promoted. In other hand, if you work carelessly in which you don’t do your best, you will never get career promotion from your boss. What if you often feel bored at work? Entertain yourself so your boredom can be solved. How? When taking a break, taste your favorite foods, listen to favorite movies, watching funny videos, chatting with your colleagues, and so on. If you feel tired, take a rest for few minutes so you feel better.


If you feel that you always do your best but you are not still promoted what should you do? Introspect yourself and learn from first officers who already get promotion. Ask them about this in detail so you can follow them as soon as possible. You need to know, sometimes you do bad thing but you think that it is good. Realize about this and fix and increase your performance.


Take actions without getting instructions from pilot


This is a big deal. Realize that taking actions without getting instructions from pilot will harm you and others. Imagine if you do this mistake in flight, of course you will make many people deal with many disadvantages. For instance, if pilot does not ask you to bring down aircraft altitude in hurry but you remain doing it, passenger will be shocked and even get personal injuries, especially for them who don’t use seat belt. If pilot don’t ask you to switch off communication tool in plane but you do it, airport employees will not call pilot. This is a big deal because they can assume that plane is in trouble. Because of doing this mistake, you can be scolded and fired at last.

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