These Make Pilot School Closed

Getting here, where the flight school is not hard to find. This is because the demand for pilots is higher or cannot be fulfilled. Many of those who intervened to print the pilots expect a more or less able to contribute in meeting the demand for pilots. But remember, the number of pilot schools is popping up just makes you have to be more careful in choosing. Do not get flight school for you stranded or have to pay the full because of the cap. What makes the flight school is closed? Following:


Violate the standards


Each flight schools must follow the standards set by the Ministry of Transportation. If it violates these standards, flight school had to be closed. This has happened on two flight schools in Indonesia. The flight school did not give a cost to the cadet practices within the promised time period. In fact, the practice can maximize cost theory is given in the classroom but to get flying hours. In addition, the flight schools provide hidden costs or hidden costs are relatively high. Ironically, the flight school does not provide continuing education when cadets have paid the full cost of education. Not only domestically, but also some overseas flight school that has been closed because the same thing.


Poor financial management


Other causes of flight schools closed because of poor financial management. Party financial management likely misuse of funds for personal purposes of the cost of education provided by cadet piecemeal or directly in large quantities. It could also be due to the lack of knowledge of financial management in planning, managing, and set a budget from poor experience. For this condition, it is clear flight school finance will “unhealthy”. If so, flight school would have difficulty conducting operations for example treatments for trainer aircraft or simulator to minimize accident during flight training, additional facilities at the ground school to support the teaching and learning process, through the provision of salary for flight instructors in return for teaching has given to the cadet.


Least cadet


Cadet, the determining factor of success or failure of flight school. If over time more and more flight school cadets who are interested, credibility means the better. Small will probably be closed primarily financial management well and had a lot of cooperation with all parties. Instead, the flight school is decreasing over time the number the cadet not rule would be closed. How flight schools to conduct operations without the dock funds from fee given by the cadets? Aircraft or simulator tax needs to be paid to the government. Both of these facilities is also important to do maintenance to keep it offers full functionality. Flight instructors need a salary to live on themselves and their families. The lack of interest in cadet to join the flight school to be due to flight school locations that are not strategic, minimum facilities, or any unexpected costs too high.


Based on the above, you accuracy in choosing a flight school is needed. It’s good, do not easily tempted by the offer by the low cost flight school. It could be the newly established flight schools, have poor financial management, or have high hidden fees. As information that the average private flight school in Indonesia offering education costs approximately IDR 600 million that may be paid out in stages or installments. In the bottom of it (except for a private flight school), flight school is suspect.

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