Bad Habits to Avoid by Pilots

Everyone has different habits, including pilots. Pilots have tight flight schedule day by day but earn much money every month. This makes them do many bad habits to make them happy and comfortable. They don’t realize that they have done a big deal which can harm them. Are you a pilot who wants to life comfortably and healthily? If you are, you should avoid doing bad habits below:


Stay up


No matter if you go home at middle night because of having night flight. Nevertheless, you should go to sleep and avoid staying up. This is important to do so you can feel comfortable when getting up in the morning. By doing this, you can also avoid dealing with skin disorders, like acne and blackhead and make your metabolism and immune system work as usual. In other hand, if you don’t sleep because you want to stay up while watching movies or soccer match, you will feel sleepy in the morning after getting up. If this does once, it does not cause bad effects. Nevertheless, if you do this day by day, you will deal with insomnia, anemia, headache, acne, blackhead, and even heart attack. Thus, avoid staying up! You should go to bed so you can take enough rest.


Avoid doing sport


When having free time at home, most pilots will spend most of their time by sleeping or watching television. Is it good? Of course, it is not good because if you just spend most of your free time by sleeping and being lazy, your fat will continue piling up in your body. In the long run, you will deal with obesity. Do you want to have no ideal body? If you answer no, don’t be lazy to do sport. If you don’t have enough time to go to gym, do push up, sit up, pull up, and jog in treadmill (if you have it). If you have a bike, ride it or if you have a pool, swim there. You need to know that by doing sport regularly, you can maintain body’s health and get ideal body. Keep in mind to do this good habit minimum 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes per exercise.


Shop unimportant things


Dealing with financial problem and getting trapped in debt will be experienced soon if you like shopping unimportant things that are sold with expensive prices. You may look elegant and glamour but this does not that you may waste money as you like. Remember that you still have family and future that you have to think and pay attention. Imagine if you have many invoices and you fail to pay off them. Debt collectors will hunt you if you cannot pay off your debts on time.


Thus, shop wisely by just buying important things that you need. If you still have much monthly budget, save it so your balance on saving continues increasing. Besides, you may invest your budget in gold, property, index, stock, commodity, or forex. By doing this, you will not need to be afraid if you deal with any financial problems because you can resale all your assets.

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